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Published: December 13, 2022

Board portal

A board portal, also known as board meeting software or board management software, is a tool built to improve the way your board runs. Board members use a board portal login, provided by the portal, to access a secure area that houses the information that directors or board members need to fulfill thier roles and responsibilities.

The aim of implementing a board portal in your organisation is to allow board administrators and directors to perform their governance roles and responsibilities efficiently.

Some of the well known benefits of a board portal include:

  1. Faster preparation times for board meetings (up to 2X faster).
  2. Save money by reducing preparation time.
  3. Reduce waste and go green,
  4. Access key documents anytime and anywhere.
  5. Improve between meeting communications.
  6. Vote between meetings (flying minutes or circular resolution). … and many more.

Board Portal: Frequently Asked Questions

The primary users of a board portal are board administrators, corporate secretaries, directors, board members, chief executive officers and other senior staff who report to the board of directors.

A board portal login is a secure set of credentials that allow you to access your board portal and ensure that only those provided access can access your board portal and the information inside.

Board portals are useful to organisations of all shapes and sizes. From small to medium business (SMBs), not-for-profits and associations through to huge multi-national corporations. All types of organisations, regardless of size or budget, can use and benefit from board portal software to improve their organisational governance.

Knowing which is the best board portal for you depends on many factors, from budgets to feature requirements and much more. The best way to find the best board portal for you is to do your research.

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